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New Fence Installation

Installing a new fence is a major expense. You want your fence (and gates) to stand for years to come, and you want them to age as gracefully as possible. You've come to the right place: we don't just want your business, we also want you to refer us all your friends and relatives. So, be prepared to be wowed from start to finish.

And remember: if you ever have questions, concerns, or just feel like nerding out on fences and woodworking, our owner Tyler is just a call or text away:

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Three promises: quality, quality, and quality

Expert craftsmanship matters to us, and that's why we guarantee our fences and gates for ten years. Here's a summary of our 10-year warranty: wood is an organic material that changes over time. Cracks, knot holes, and warping may occur, but we carefully select pickets to help minimize this issue. However, we do guarantee that your fence will stand and that your gate will remain operational for ten years.

Here's a showcase of some of the fences we've built over the years:

Fence projects showcase

Quality materials

When it comes to your fence looking as good as possible, as long as possible, this starts with selecting the right pickets. We don't cut corners by buying cheaper, damaged pickets. We carefully choose pickets to avoid premature cracks and knot holes. The materials we pick for your fence is our first promise of quality. Six-foot treated pine privacy fence

Expert craftsmanship

Tyler, the God-fearing man behind Action Fence of Waco, has been building fences for over twelve years: first as a fence contractor, and for the past decade as the owner of two other Texas-based fence companies. Selecting the right materials is just the first part to a quality product. Building your fence and gates correctly is the second part. Our expert craftsmanship is our second promise of quality. Custom treated pine privacy fence and gate

No shortcuts

Our fence posts are set in at least two feet of concrete, to be well below the frost line. (Around Waco, and Texas in general, the frost line is about 10-12 inches deep.) This helps protect the base of the post from moisture and rot, and keeps your fence standing through years of strong winds. That's our third promise of quality.

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To minimize the interruption on your life and routines, we'll build your fence faster than Will Smith goes from laughing to slapping. In and out before you know it. We will build your fence very fast

Options for your fence

There are three common upgrades you can pick for your new fence.

Cedar pickets (vs. treated pine)

The first upgrade you can do is going for cedar pickets instead of treated pine. Cedar wood naturally contains oils that protects it from insects, moisture, and some fungi. Regardless of your choice, staining (next) will help your fence last longer.

Below is a cedar-picket fence with four-inch gaps. Unstained cedar has that darker red / brown hue, whereas treated pine looks a bit more yellow: Cedar-picket fence with four-inch gaps


Staining your fence will increase its lifespan and will make your fence look nicer. The high-quality oil-based stains we use help protect your fence's posts and pickets from moisture and insects. You can read more about our fence-staining services.

Here's a beautifully stained fence we built with galvanized steel posts: Stained cedar fence with galvanized square posts

Kickboard ("rot board")

A kickboard is typically a 2x6" or 2x8" board of pressure-treated pine, placed at the bottom of your fence, parallel to the ground. The kickboard lets us elevate your pickets away from the ground, the area most exposed to moisture and insects.

When the kickboard starts rotting or looking bad, we just replace it, with the pickets still in great shape. (That's why a kickboard is sometimes also called a "rot board".) This is a smart way to make your fence last for much longer.

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Other types of residential fences

Like any fence contractor, most of our work is wood-picket fences for single-family homes. But here are examples of other fence types we've built over the years:

Ranch-style fences and country living

Here's a ranch-style 3-rail wooden fence we built - enjoy the peaceful view: Ranch style 3 rails wooden fence

And here's a four-feet-fall cedar fence with a 4-inch gap between each board. Besides using way less material, this is a great way to separate areas of your property while maintaining an open feel, and the ability to see through:

Four-feet-tall cedar fence with four-inch gapsCall or text (254) 405-1390 with any question

Chain-link fences

Chain-link fences are extremely durable and easy to repair. They also keep an open-feel around your property since they don't block the view. And, unlike wooden fences, chain-link fences are near weatherproof since they offer virtually no wind resistance and don't contain materials subject to rotting. Some people prefer a more traditional-looking fence, but here's something to consider. A four-feet tall, black chain-link vinyl fence like the one pictured below does look really sleek: Four-feet-tall, black vinyl chain-link fence

Residential AND commercial fencing

We build both residential and commercial fences and gates. Here's a horizontal commercial privacy fence we built for a parking lot. Customers don't want to see loading docks or dumpsters - we can hide them behind nice-looking enclosure: Horizontal commercial privacy fence in parking lot

And here's a beautiful commercial gate we built with horizontal cedar boards and a "natural cedar tone" stain. This gate was built for a Krispy Kreme franchise: Horizontal stained cedar-board commercial gate

Here's another commercial job - a six-feet-tall, chain-link, double-drive gate and fence. Notice the privacy slats, something vanilla chain-link fences don't offer: Commercial chain-link fence with double-drive gate and privacy slats

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Bottom line

So, yeah. No cutting corners at Action Fence of Waco. That's how you build a reputable fence company. You, future client, become our salesperson. Once you see the quality of our work and how beautiful your fence looks, you'll want to send your loved ones to Action Fence. No compromises: just quality and peace of mind.

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