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Fence Removal Services

Since Action Fence is all about quality and not discounts, we're price-competitive but we don't compete on price. BUT: when you build a new fence with us, we'll also remove your old fence, for free. And don't even ask: free is as low as we'll go.

We'll give you an estimate and stick to it. No surprise "Bad weather fee" or "Last-minute tax" on our invoices. Handshakes and fulfilled promises, that's our M.O.

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Removing your old fence

First, we'll remove all pickets and neatly put them in a pile. We'll be careful to not leave any nails behind that children or pets could step on. But please, when we leave, take the time to carefully double-check that no nails or wood shard are left behind: this is very important. The best time to remove a fence is right after your yard was mowed: this makes it a lot easier to see nails and pick them up.

An overdue fence removal

Tip: that's a good time to remember that we need tetanus shots about once a decade after the initial vaccine. Tetanus is caused by bacterial spores found in soil.

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Here's a concrete-fence demolition and removal job we did in summer 2022. After we left, you could barely tell that there had been a fence in that spot: Concrete-fence demolition and removal

Your yard is in good hands

We will dig out your old posts and we can also remove their concrete housing. (Well built fences must at least have posts set in concrete: this helps protect the post from humidity, fungi, and insects to some extent.) No heavy machinery that would crush your flowerbeds. Just patience, precision tools, and good old muscles.

Note: removing the concrete base of your fence posts carries an extra fee. That fee depends on both the size and the condition of your soil. You will know all fees in advance, and we'll never do any paid work without getting your approval.

Leaving your yard in tip-top shape, if not better, is our top priority. If we don't see that beautiful smile of yours, we failed. Serious: happiness is our trade, and we do it by dealing with fences, the beautiful enclosure that keeps you safe at night.

Besides Action Fence of Waco, big-boss Tyler operated several fence companies in Texas. Here's a quote from a Google review: "They even did some extra work removing some old t-posts at no charge". Re-read that quote: who does that? We do, that's who. And to make triple-sure we don't damage your yard, our fence contractors even wear ballet shoes. (Just checking if you're still paying attention.)

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Disposal of your old fence

In general, we'll neatly pile the pieces of fence on the side of the nearest public road so that the city of Waco's curbeside pickup services properly dispose of your old fence. You will find their pickup schedule for Waco proper on this page.

This old fence is a goner, time to remove it

If you have special requests on how to dispose of your fence after we've removed it, we may be able to help there too. Let's discuss that when you call.

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Tree removal

We're a fence company, but we also like to go the extra mile to make you happy. So, while we're at your house to remove your old fence, we can also remove small trees and grind their stump to ground level. (And we'd like to build your new fence too.)

Small tree removal

Just get in touch and let's go from there. Stop looking at that old fence, we'll remove the old eyesore and brighten your day. Tick-tick-tick: why aren't you calling?

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